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ESO or EISO means "being inward" - Esoteric therefore focuses on inner 


The Sphinx University, was founded by the late Sat Guru, Maharishi Ma Prem Shakti Prema Gopi Krishna Divia Ratna (known to her students as "Ma"). After her death on 13th June 2012, her eldest son, Chris D.J.C. Schardijn Sr., took over the school and continues to build from the strong foundation in which his mother had laid.

The Sphinx is a brotherhood-sisterhood, devoted to providing a place where big and small, know they are safe. The Sphinx believe in striving for Truth and True Love by working from within.  By means of belief, sense of duty and responsibility, we are able to learn more about ourselves (Know-Your-Self), a priviledge to become an example for others on the path to All That Is.


The Sphinx University offer Esoteric teachings to help understand our 'selves' and the manifestation of our surroundings and environment.  Since the death of Ma, Chris and the students have worked extremely hard to collate all of Ma's teachings, formulating a syllabus for learning that is clear and concise.  

The Sphinx University have various departments of education, presented and taught with expertise and professionalism. Satria Arts is part of this curriculum for those wanting to learn Silat and Yoga.  Steven Benitez is recognised as the Head of the Pencak Silat (Satria Fighting Arts/Lotus Kembangan), and Laarni Benitez (as Head of Satria Yoga). 

May 2014, saw the first gathering of SFA and Satria Yoga Apprentice Instructors 'Teachers Annual Gathering' (TAG) held at the University grounds, where training and further learning took place.  After a successful event, it was decided that further TAGs  will continue to be held in Our Beijerland's grounds and home of Ma's family.

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