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ESO or EISO means "being inward" - Esoteric therefore focuses on inner 


The Sphinx University, was founded by the late Sat Guru, Maharishi Ma Prem Shakti Prema Gopi Krishna Divia Ratna (known to her students as "Ma"). Guru Ma passed away in the early hours of the morning of 13th June 2012 shortly after teaching, passing on the responsibility to her eldest son, Chris Schardijn. Guru Ma was a knowledge-keeper who passed on her knowledge to a handful of close students/disciples until her last breath.  The Pencak Silat that she passed on to Steven Benitez was from the line of Kraton, the Royal lineage of Indonesia and the Esoteric.  Her knowledge was far beyond comprehension that she also had the ability to pass on knowledge through mind-to-mind training as well as energetic and oral transference, an ancient method of passing down information. 

Some of the fundamental teachings of Guru Ma has been translated via an online course which the students of the Sphinx have put together over many years of collating and transferring the information to make it more accessible and understandable to the average person seeking to discover their True Self, or their True Nature.

It was in May 2014 was the first gathering of SFA and Satria Yoga Instructors 'Teachers Annual Gathering' (TAG) which was held at the former Sphinx University (and Guru Ma's home) grounds, where training and further learning took place.  The grounds in Our-Beijerland will always hold a very special place in our hearts and minds, and Guru Ma's presence is greatly missed, but of course, never forgotten.  It is because of her sacrificial love and dedication to The All, our Sacred Breath, did she commit her entire life to pursuing and fulfilling her purpose, and we will always be grateful to her for leaving to us the knowledge of the true art of Pencak Silat, Kembangan and Yoga from the Kraton lineage of Indonesia.  

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