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The Satria Fighting Arts have a unique therapy practise for healing both the mind and the body.  One method uses some of the base postures of the Satria to treat a patient for physical therapy. These postures can also be used to stretch a training partner for recovery while another method of Satria Therapy is more of an energetic work requiring no touch - a method known as “listening to the wind”, one of the phases in which a Satria practitioner will need to go through. Others means of Satria Therapy requires a Salendang, a soft cloth (like a scarf) in the SFA which can be used as a ‘soft’ weapon, but for therapy purposes, it can bring healing. These therapeutic methods are all taught as part of our syllabus, and all Satria instructors must undergo such training. A good fighter needs to be a good healer. This is a fundamental principle within the SFA. 

Satria has its roots grounded in Javanese Kejawen, specifically, the Numbers (0-10), and from these comes all therapies. The teaching of the Sacred Centres (or seven chakras) are very practical in the Satria practise, and can offer therapy when practised within one’s 24 hour cycle. This is also a part of the Satria Therapy, a huge part that often gets neglected in the busy lifestyles we often find ourselves lost in.


Chief Instructor, Steven Benitez, has been trained in all these specific area during his training with Guru Ma of over 20 years. He has since been practising these therapies for over a decade, and seen huge shifts in peoples health and lives. Steven offers this service in allocated times of the week, so if you would like to book a consultation, please contact us by EMAIL.

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