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Fight Design


With Acting & Fight Choreography experience behind him, Steven Benitez and his team, bring their art form to TV and Film Productions, as well as training artists and performers in the film industry.

Since the release of The Raid movie, Silat has become more popular amongst the film and martial arts world. 

The experience and expertise of world-renowned Silat exponent found in Steven Benitez, along with his film and fight choreography background in Indonesia as lead actor in "Rasa, The Movie" (2009), you will not only be drawn to his expertise and knowledge in this field, but also to his creativity, charisma and power to draw an audience.


The Team


Our team of "fighters" train for the real deal. But to deliver a performance (or train actors to deliver) requires another set of skills. 

Training motion and movement is the first protocol and getting the right reactions from an action is part of the training given.

Our Fight Choreography Team learn how to fight in different environments, with various scenarios. Many of them are all located in different countries. Fight experience in real scenarios, play an important role to delivering a convincing scene behind the camera, and our aim is to deliver with minimal shoot time.

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