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An Ancient Art in Modern Day

The history of the Satria (Warrior) Fighting Arts, s taught by Guru Ma Prem, date back in the Vedic era; a time when the "Kysatrias" (Warriors) protected the Priests and the sacred texts (written in Sanskrit) as they travelled to far and distant lands to spread the Dharma.

The teachings, relating to the Warrior Arts of south-east Asia, was orally transmitted to me by Guru Ma, with all the Silat knowledge and teaching stemming from the Knowledge of Numbers (Ilmus Nomor). These teachings contain all of the fundamental principles of the Silat, Kembangan, Yoga and Therapies which contain the knowledge of Kejawen (a Javanese mysticism passed down from genration to generation from an ancient culture) - all of which are taught as a complete syllabus and each individual aspect can be related and applied in everyday life.


The SATRIA FIGHTING ARTS is a complete martial art system with a structured syllabus from beginning to end. The bela diri (self-defence) is highly effective, dynamic and brutal in its outcome. This is the nature of true bela diri. However, to practise the SFA, you need to do in a slow and playfully. We call this "main" (pronounced as ma-in, meaning to play). 

As an SFA student, you will gain knowledge of how to defend yourself and your family, from a physical as well as from a holistic manner.  As an instructor, not only will you learn how to teach this art in its entirety, but you will be trained in how to transform your life, hence affecting your family and your community. The list of benefits in practising this art is enormous. It will not only strengthen your body and preserve it for the former years, but you'll also learn to heal yourself with the internal aspects and with its unique yoga system that can aid in rehabilitation as well injury prevention. 

Satria Fighting Arts is not just a martial art from the ancient lands of Nusantara, it also offers a way of living your 24-hour cycle. Founded on the Kejawen teachings of the numbers (Ilmus Nomor), this art carries the knowledge and principles that can be life changing if applied.  

The Satria Fighting Arts comprises of the following:

  • 144 Postures and Movements

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Upright and Ground Fighting

  • Close-Mid-Long Ranges of Fighting

  • High-Mid-Low Entries and Defences

  • 1-v-1 to Multiple Attackers

  • Langkah Training (footwork)

  • Hard Weapons (Kerambit, Knife, Golok, Sword, Keris)

  • Soft Weapons (Destar, Sarong, Selendang)

  • Kembangan

  • Satria Yoga

  • 108 Vital Points

  • Principles of the Satria Arts

  • Philosophy and Theory

  • Biomechanics, Posture and Alignment

  • Cultural Understanding

  • Esoteric Studies

  • Tanaga Dalam (Internal Power)

  • Hands-on Therapy and Cloth Therapy

  • Meditation 

  • Five Elements & The Ten Energy LInes

  • The Seven Centres

Satria Fighting Arts

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